Wide timing belts for wide tires

Wide timing belts for wide tires

The automotive industry is famously competitive and cost conscious, so tire manufacturers rely on belt life time to keep productivity rates high. After all, belts used in the tire building process operate in tough conditions. Replacement of a damaged belt can cost an entire shift in duration and the attention of from 4 to 6 operators. This could mean a loss of in excess of 5,000 tires due to line downtime.

The widest timing belt on the market

Belts used in tire building machines very often are comprised of a number of narrow belts joined longitudinally, or belts running in parallel to achieve the desired width. With a wider timing belt, the need for longitudinal joining, which can be a failure-prone point, is eliminated, as is the need to install multiple parallel belts. Timing belts also improve positioning through precise alignment, which can be challenging for parallel belts. At 600mm, HabaSYNC Wide Timing Belts offer the widest timing belt solution available in the market. This opens new possibilities for tire building productivity and the construction of equipment used in this application.

Up to 8 times faster belt replacement

When traditionally joined belts need replacing, it can take up to 8 hours, and as many as 6 operators to perform the work, resulting in high costs and lost productivity. Habasit offers the solution – its patented Hinge Joint. All HabaSYNC Timing Belts, including Wide Timing Belts, can be joined with this unique Hinge Joint. In tire building machines, for example, this solution can reduce the replacement related downtime to less than an hour and requires only 2 operators for the change.

HabaSYNC Wide Timing Belts with Hinge Joint have been thoroughly tested over the last four years in the field with some of the largest tire manufacturers in the industry. The belts are now operational in series tire production in numerous plants around the world. With these successes and experience, Habasit and its customers are confident that HabaSYNC Wide Timing Belts are a highly efficient and effective solution for OEMs and manufacturers with a focus on quality and reduced down times.

Unique high-quality TPU belt material

The new belt is made of a unique TPU material that offers excellent resistance not only to the rubber conveyed, but especially to oil, grease, and a wide range of chemical agents. Thus ensuring a long belt service life. This feature is particularly important for tire applications using uncured rubber, which contains numerous chemicals.

The Wide Timing Belts for tire manufacturing usually have a T10 pitch made from TPU with a shore hardness of 92 A. Other types, such as H pitch, are available on demand. The belts are reinforced with aramid cords, which strengthens the belt and avoids elongation.

Timing belt cover and fabrication options

Habasit’s Wide Timing Belts for the tire industry can be ordered with polyamide fabric on the tooth side, the running side, or both. This means a reduced coefficient of friction to keep the belt running smoothly, plus easy release and minimum wear.

As usual for Habasit belts, they can be individually fabricated using milling, perforations, covers, or profiles to meet particular application requirements. The TPU belt material can be provided in both white and black.

Inspect the new belt at Tire Technology Expo 2018 in Hannover

To see the new belt in action and learn more about its benefits, visit us from February 20 to 22 at Tire Technology Expo 2018, in Hannover.

Habasit will be in Hall 21 at booth 7080 with a Wide Timing Belt demo unit for a close-up look. We’ll also be introducing our new PA Hinge Joint for tire industry applications. Beyond this, our engineers will be glad to give you expert information on our entire range of fabric and plastic modular belt solutions.

To get your free entry pass, please use the link for online registration: bit.ly/TireExpo-FreeTicket

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