Visualizing 3D solutions

Visualizing 3D solutions

Habasit is now offering its products to a dynamic online community of over 17 million CAD users through one of the world’s largest parts libraries. This new partnership with TraceParts provides an extensive database of 2D and 3D drawings available for download 24/7. Through real-time technology, you are now able to conveniently download images of belt modules, chains, sprockets and accessorie drawings free of charge from several of our product lines including HabasitLINK, Habasit Cleandrive and HabaCHAIN. The catalogue is quickly growing to include many more. With the click of a button, you can receive a fast and precise quotation of any standard product.

The 3D catalog supports nearly every CAD software and is ideal for documentation and design. Users are able to view individual parts at multiple angles, as well as view assembled belts modified by width, length, sprocket range, pitch or the addition of accessories. This web platform not only provides accurate modules of our full-range of plastic modular belt products, but it also offers data sheets and engineering guides.

Across the globe, mechanical and electrical engineers are turning to this site to find the solutions they need. To check out the database, go to

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