Do I need an FDA statement or a Declaration of Compliance?

Do I need an FDA statement or a Declaration of Compliance?

I am often requested to send a customer an FDA statement for a particular belt. Although this is not a form used in Europe, the confusion is understandable.

Even before the European rules such as regulation EC 1935/2004 and regulation EU 10/2011 came into force, the FDA regulation already existed in the United States of America. When at that time a conveyor belt complied with FDA rules, people knew it was suitable for the food industry. Thus FDA became a very well-known term in belting and food processing. An FDA-approved conveyor belt was in compliance with all food regulations. Nowadays this is no longer the case.


Just like USDA, FDA is an American regulation relevant for materials that come into contact with foodstuffs, but these two regulations do not apply in the European Union. Instead, a Declaration of Compliance is used in order to state that a belt complies with the applicable law in respect to food contact.

Food conveyor belts

A food conveyor belt that is used in the European Union must comply with European law. While the FDA and European rules have a lot in common, regulation EU 10/2011 makes much stricter demands on migration values. In most cases, a food conveyor belt complies both with the American and the European laws. This information can be found on our Declaration of Compliance.

Despite the long history of the FDA, I am increasingly asked for a Declaration of Compliance. Rules with respect to food in Europe are becoming more important. Although rules such as regulation EU 10/2011 are becoming familiar, I am still frequently asked for an FDA statement. I guess old habits die hard.

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