How can I repair a plastic modular belt?

How can I repair a plastic modular belt?

One of the great advantages of a plastic modular belt is that it is fast and easy to repair – and there’s no need for expensive tools. A modular belt is made up of separate modules that are assembled in a specific pattern and connected to each other with rods. If a module or flight is damaged, it is easy to take out and exchange: just remove two rods, replace the module or flight, and insert the pins again. The only thing you need to worry about is using the correct module. Spare modules can be kept in stock for this, but we also advise that you keep a section of belt in stock. If there is a larger area of damage, it is faster to replace a belt section.

How easy can this be done?

This can be done in a few minutes by your own company technical personnel. There is no need to call a Habasit service technician – though off course, a Habasit technician could also do it for you if necessary. By using a scerw driver or a rod puller you can easily remove the rod. Push the head as shown towards the side and lift it out of the belt.

With a traditional fabric belt, damage usually has bigger consequences. If the damage can be repaired at all, a press is often required, and if a new piece of belt is needed to replace the damaged section, there must be two joints, which must be prepared on site. A specialist Habasit technician, with the necessary tools and equipment, will be required.

Our website has installation flyers for each modular belt, with instructions on how to remove the rods. For belts with a Snap Fit rod retaining system, it is convenient to use a special screwdriver (rod puller), which has a cutout that fits the rod, to remove it.

Rod puller


With the Smart Fit rod retaining system, a regular screwdriver can be used, but the special screwdriver makes it easier, as long as the rod is removed from the correct position. The installation flyers also provide information on the installation of modular belts.

Because it is relatively easy to disassemble a modular belt, this is also done on a regular basis to allow better cleaning. We have also developed the Saniclip quick belt opening system for our HabasitLINK modular belts that makes it even easier to remove a rod and disassemble the belt.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us for support using the contact button below. We’ll be glad to help.

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Marco Hollander

Marco Hollander joined the Habasit Netherlands team in September 2000 and works as a Technical Manager. He specializes in modular belts, chains and profiles in the food and material handling industries. He is also well-versed in general conveying and spiral applications. Hollander is always ready to answer questions from customers or Key Account Managers with any technical issues. He speaks Dutch, English and German and enjoys the challenge and variety of his work.

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