Why 2021 is a special year for Habasit

Why 2021 is a special year for Habasit

Habasit is celebrating a major anniversary in 2021: 75 years of innovation and partnership with customers all over the globe. Today we remain proudly Swiss and family-owned, and continue to value our long-lasting, loyal relationships with customers and employees alike. And as the pioneer of numerous game-changing belting solutions, we’re determined to develop even more sustainable, smart, and safe products and services as we move into the next 75 years.

Founded in 1946

Habasit was founded in 1946 in Basel, Switzerland, by Fernand and Alice Habegger, a young couple with a mission: to make belt assembly simpler and safer. The idea behind the company came from Fernand Habegger’s first-hand experience in manufacturing, and a workplace accident involving a leather belt. He believed that the new, synthetic materials coming into use at that time could improve the performance of belts and make them safer for line operators.

Entrepreneurial and client-centered from the start

So Habasit was born from entrepreneurship and working closely with customers on the shop floor. And this is still how we operate today. Because we understand the challenges of each customer’s processing and conveying lines, from engineering to performance and cost ownership, we can customize their belting to match their needs, and help them keep pace with the latest trends in their industry.

Quality is the key to reliability and long lifetimes

Habasit has always insisted on using the highest quality raw materials and fully testing new technologies. As a result, our belts offer outstanding reliability and very long lifetimes. They also cut maintenance costs, raise productivity and cost-efficiency, and help save water, energy, and other precious resources. We’ve launched numerous patents and solutions over the years as we’ve grown our range of materials and belt coatings, belt widths, and advanced joining methods and customization options, always driven by our customers’ needs.

Global and local

To be a good partner to your customers you have to be close to them geographically. After 75 years, we have customers in over 70 countries who benefit from our dedicated network of local service centers offering fully-equipped inventories, advanced belt customization, and a fast response whenever and wherever needed.

75 years of keeping industries in motion

At Habasit, we’re proud of our long-term relationships with customers and distributors, which have often lasted for decades. Our employees show the same loyalty; many stay with the firm for years. They’re glad of the opportunities we offer for career development within the company, and appreciate our international network, stability, and long-term values, vision and goals.

Getting greener, smarter and healthier

This long-term thinking is central to Habasit’s plans for the future. We firmly believe  that industrial growth is possible without a high cost to people or our planet – but only if businesses commit fully to sustainability. And while many Habasit solutions already offer major environmental benefits, we’re planning an even stronger focus on meeting our customers’ sustainability goals. From the use of smart technologies to finding new ways to improve productivity, Habasit is committed to enabling greener, smarter and healthier processes as we, and our customers and partners, move together into the future.

Want to know more? Check out our Habasit website and history blog. And feel free to contact us at any time for advice or help with your belting needs.

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