The tree-umph of originality

The tree-umph of originality

Habasit has a number of unique and inventive partners in nearly every industry, but in today’s blog, we will meet a partner with a particular eye for the unusual. Established in 1995, Massiv Forest sees every knot, every ringed hue of timber, even a fracture in the grain, as potential for a new and unique design.

For over twenty years, the Romanian based company has produced hardwood products such as furniture, solid panels, modular walls, and even biomass fuel made from pure wood waste. Each branch of the locally harvested tree is put to use, either through the creation of an elegant home furnishing or through the supply of a natural and renewable source of fuel.

From the beginning, Massiv Forest has partnered with Habasit to produce high-quality products. Although the conveyor belts were originally used to transport woodchips and sawdust, they have been given a new role through the development of Massiv Forest’s latest brand, called craftwand®. Specializing in innovative furniture and modular wall design, the brand preserves a deep tradition of woodworking and craftsmanship, while highlighting the natural elements of wood with minimalist and geometric forms.

Branching out

With a priority to retain the raw distinction and innate design of each piece of wood in their work, craftwand® seeks to combine the wildness of the material with the elegant practicality of every product. This was their challenge when they decided to design a desk which would provide a smooth and stable surface without the need of an additional writing pad.

Woodworkers at craftwand® were already well-practiced in finding beauty in unusual places, so it is no wonder that they saw their solution in the unassuming black fabric belts rolling through their factory. The abrasion-resistant NHM-10EKBV 11 is made of a smooth, super matt and strong material which was a perfect complement to the polished and gnarled texture of the wood. By covering the top of the desk with the belt fabric, the surface became an ideal space for writing, as well as a convenient mousepad to use while working at a computer.

It was an immediate success; customers and employees alike gravitated to the stylish and convenient design for both home and office. Word spread quickly so that even colleagues at Habasit were soon improvising by placing scraps of the belt material on the surfaces of their desks. With such overwhelmingly positive feedback, craftwand® has begun to imagine other ways to utilize the unexpected pairing of wood and belt fabric. In January 2017, the company opened a showroom in Stuttgart where their latest handiwork is exhibited.

Massiv Forest values the resources which make their practice possible. Having achieved the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certificate, they have joined a long tradition of responsible and talented craftsmanship. It is foundation from which their modern innovations come. Habasit is pleased to continue to collaborate with a company who shares their values of sustainability and unswerving excellence.

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Sonja Strimitzer

Sonja Strimitzer is a member of the Global Marketing and Communications Team at Habasit in Vienna. She joined the company in 2011 to provide Marketing and Sales support for Austria and Central Eastern Europe, but also quickly rose to become Editor-in-Chief of Highlights, Habasit’s popular customer and employee magazine. She is a native German speaker, as well as fluent in both English and Swedish. She enjoys strong cooperation with colleagues from around the world and values the unique international environment.

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