The perfect drive for dry goods processing

The perfect drive for dry goods processing

Whether you’re striving for pillowy softness or the perfect blend of taste and texture, dry foods manufacturing is all about the science. The same can be said for the equipment used to process these bakery items, snacks and cereals that everyone loves. Hygiene, surface characteristics, tension and tracking design are among the critical features to consider when selecting the best conveyor belt for the job.

Recently we introduced the Habasit Cleandrive lug drive — the most hygienic product in the Habasit Cleandrive suite. We engineered the lug drive to solve many of the challenges unique to dry foods — especially where dough, oils and product particles are involved. I want to walk you through some of the key features that will make a big difference in maximizing food safety and reducing product waste while also pushing your productivity to new heights.

An exceptionally sanitary, durable surface

Because we extrude the lug drive from a single premium TPU material, the resulting belt surface is uniquely smooth, uniform and resistant to abrasions. You won’t get the sink marks and divots where bacteria like to settle in. Scraping actions leave a cleaner, scratch-free surface that reduces cross-contamination risk.

That said, one of the most important advantages of our TPU material is what you can’t see: It creates a completely sealed, non-porous surface that naturally repels microbes and fungal growth. Think of it as an extra layer of defense that reinforces your sanitation protocols.

Superior tracking

In applications using dough, product buildup can lead to tracking problems. Habasit Cleandrive lug drive helps offset this problem with a positive tracking system. Fix-width teeth operate within side guiderails, enabling self-tracking while eliminating lateral movement of the belt.

Reliable traction

Maintaining the correct belt traction is essential, but this can be difficult when dealing with food ingredients. Oil and moisture can get on the drive, leading to sprocket disengagement and joint failures on typical flat belts. Habasit Cleandrive lug drive is reinforced with Aramid cords that ensure continued dimensional stability with almost no creep. In fact, tensile testing shows that Habasit Cleandrive limits elongation to less than 1%, a notable improvement over unreinforced monolithic belts. Plus, you won’t have to contend with the “lasagna effect” either. You’ll enjoy much longer belt life, and spend less time and money replacing belts.

Toughness and troughing combined

Troughing is essential in many dry food processing applications, otherwise your candies, nuts, snacks and cereals will spill over conveyor edges. Habasit Cleandrive lug drive is built to work well within trough conveyors. Even with the Aramid cord reinforcement, the compact lugs allow for high lateral belt flexibility to deliver just enough “give.” The troughing you need with the toughness you’ve never had in a monolithic belt. It’s the best of both worlds.

Interested in learning more about Habasit Cleandrive lug drive? Check out this product information sheet. Or, get in touch with us to discuss your specific application needs.

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Bart Natoli

Bart Natoli is a Chief Application Engineer at Habasit America and has been with the company since 1986. He has a Bachelor of Science, a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Associates in Engineering Degree and Architectural Engineering Technology. Bart Natoli is an expert in fabric conveyor belts and power transmission belts.

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