How to make food belt calculations convenient

How to make food belt calculations convenient, quick and easy

Are you willing to take risks on food safety? Of course not. You’ve probably been using Habasit Cleandrive belts for years. But how do you know which belt type is best for your application? And what is the optimal design for your installation? Every case is different, depending on the application, conveyor configuration, belt speed, temperatures, and conveyed load involved.

Introducing CleanDrive (Positive)-SeleCalc – the new SeleCalc engineering program

There’s a huge amount of data to crunch, and it’s vital to make the right choices. Now help is at hand with the new online SeleCalc engineering tool for Habasit Cleandrive monolithic belts. For the first time you can now calculate the answers for yourself whenever you wish 24/7.

Simply select the preferred belt type and fill out the most important parameters. The program will give you data on admissible tensile force utilized, recommended motor capacity, the optimal number of sprockets, and many other important inputs.

With the CleanDrive (Positive)-SeleCalc engineering tool, it’s simple to run technical calculations on common conveyor layouts, select the best belt and components, and ensure the correct conveyor design.

Wide range of SeleCalc engineering programs

The new tool joins Habasit’s proven range of SeleCalc engineering programs, a unique family of belt selection aids and calculation programs based on state-of-the art engineering principles. Created by the Habasit application engineering team, these sophisticated tools are used by engineers worldwide.

SeleCalc programs are available for:

  • Fabric-based conveyor belts
  • Power transmission belts
  • Timing belts
  • Plastic modular belts and conveyor chains
  • Positive drive belts

Selecting and calculating belts has never been easier. Visit the SeleCalc website and register for your personal login to our SeleCalc engineering programs. If you want one of our specialists to contact you to discuss your specific needs, please click here.


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