How broad expertise created a food-safe

How broad expertise created a food-safe, black wide timing belt for a new packaging application

A customer in Germany specialized in tailored solutions for packaging processes recently gave us an interesting challenge. They were developing a new food packaging line using timing belts and fabric conveyor belts with a camera system to detect waste parts on the conveying element. Since the belts were conveying food, they had to be FDA/EU-approved.

Black belt with food approval

Most applications with FDA/EU approval use white or blue belts. In this case, however, the customer specified a black cover to ensure the high contrast between product and belt that’s required for optimal camera tracking and thus greater accuracy. Nothing could be missed or mis-tracked on the belt. But black belts with FDA/EU approval are rare.

Timing accuracy essential

Furthermore, while normally this type of application uses fabric belts, these cannot achieve the precise movement required for this new solution. Timing belts solve the problem – although in this case, the new belts needed to be particularly wide, adding to the challenge.

Unique fabricated solution

In response to these different needs, our engineers drew on our existing offering to create a unique, fully customized solution with a belt that combines several special features at once:

  • Black surface cover
  • Extra-wide timing belt width
  • FDA/EU approved cover
  • FDA/EU approved base belt

The result is a new belting solution that permits precise camera usage in combination with excellent tracking properties and full FDA approval. It is based on our T10 with 05 FDA-approved 90ShA Polyurethane.

However complex the challenge, Habasit’s broad and deep expertise is here to help you find a customized solution to it. Please contact us to find out how we can assist you.

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Lee Neureuther

Lee Neureuther is a Business Development Manager for HabaSYNC timing belts at Habasit in Germany. He has been with the company since 2007. His expertise is in belting applications across all industries served by Habasit with special focus on automation, ceramics, glass, materials handling and packaging. He is fluent in both German and English.

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