Do it yourself with Habasit

Do it yourself with Habasit

Did you know that you can make some of our conveyor belts and power transmission belts to the desired width and length yourself? This is possible thanks to Habasit’s comprehensive range of specially adapted machines, tools and accessories. It’s just a matter of selecting the machines or tools needed, then tackling the practical work on the belt.

You’ll find instructions on our website, as well as videos showing most of the methods and points you need to be familiar with.

Slitting and cutting to the correct width and length

You can cut all Habasit conveyor belts and power transmission belts to the desired length yourself by a shears or cutting tool. To slit to width, simply use a utility (Stanley) knife, ruler and table or bench.

How to make a joint?

Habasit conveyor and power transmission belts with a thermoplastic top and middle layer are joined initially using Flexproof finger jointing. Start by punching or cutting fingers in the belt. Then use a heat press to melt the material together to form an endless belt. Habasit offers a system for this, complete with accessories suitable for belts in widths from 10 to 4.000 mm.

Habasit fabric conveyor belts and transmission belts with a polyamide body are joined initially by skiving and glueing the material. Here again, Habasit has an all-in system complete with machinery and accessories that let you manufacture endless belts in all widths yourself.

Our monolithic product group, Habasit Cleandrive, with and without positive drive, can also be cut without our help. These products are easy to handle because the required length can be trimmed, and the belt joined by melting the edges in a heat press. The finished result is a strong and virtually invisible joint.

Habasit monolithic round belts and V-shaped belts basically work the same way.  Using a simple cutting scissor, you can cut the belt to the length you want. Then place the belt in a pair of pliers to squeeze the ends of the belt towards each other, applying the correct force. A soldering iron with a special heating plate will provide correct melting before squeezing the belt ends together.

Habasit machine tapes with a traction layer or intermediate layer of thermoplastic Hamid plastic are made up by applying the same method. Use a cutting device to cut the belt to the correct length, either straight across at 90 degrees or with small fingers. Then place the belt in a fixture of the right width for the particular belt you are making endless. Press the edges or fingers together, then put a cover over the joint. Place a heating press over the fixture and after about 10 minutes, your belt will be ready to use.

At Habasit we are constantly working to simplify everyday life for our customers. Our methods must be simple, but never to the detriment of quality. This means that we ourselves use all the machinery, tools and accessories we offer you in our day-to-day production of conveyor belts and transmission belts for thousands of customers the world over.

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Mathias Soderholm

Mathias Söderholm has been with Habasit since 1991 and is the Production Manager for Habasit AB in Sweden. His career with the company has ranged from customer service to sales. His experience has given him a storehouse of knowledge in many industries and applications. Söderholm is fluent in both Swedish and English.

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