When must a conveyor belt be food approved?

When must a conveyor belt be food approved?

I recently heard someone ask if a conveyor belt used for packaged foodstuffs must be food approved. This is a question that often arises, and so in today’s blog, I will try to provide some clarity.

Requirements with respect to the conveyor belt

When looking at “Framework” regulation 1935/2004, the rule applies to materials which come directly into contact with food. The migration from these materials must not change the composition of the food, effect the smell or taste, nor be harmful to public health. Once the product has been packaged, it is the packaging material which must comply with this regulation rather than the conveyor belt. Therefore, a food-approved conveyor belt is not required.

Food approved conveyor belt

Although a food conveyor belt is not required if the material does not directly come into contact with food, people still often choose to use a food belt even for packaged products. I can understand this. After all, in an environment in which food is transported, it is of course safer to use a food belt.

Even if there is only a small chance that food will come into contact with the belt, the rules applicable to the food-processing industry such as HACCP, require the use of a food belt in conformity with Regulation (EU) 10/2011.

Never compromise on safety

People often tell me that the reason they do not opt for a food conveyor belt is the price. I always think of an applicable English saying: “Never compromise on safety.” This certainly applies when the public’s health is involved. There are also less expensive food conveyor belts available, such as those in the Habasit Economy line.

Safety comes first when selecting a conveyor belt. As we know from daily life, it is always better to choose a little more safety than strictly necessary.

In case of questions and/or for additional information in regard to food safety, please download our flyer EU Food Regulations or contact me via expert.blog@habasit.com.

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